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The Start of the Ireland Adventure

My home is in the Middle East, and for the past month, it has been Ramadan, which is a holy month for Muslims, but now that Ramadan is over, Eid has started.  This is a holiday period throughout the Muslim world, and it is a time when many people travel for holiday.

Since I have two weeks off for this period, I have decided to head to Ireland for this holiday period.  Now, I won't actually be arriving in Ireland until June 26, but I hope to keep all of you posted on what happens during this trip.  Before I head to Ireland though, I will first fly to Munich, Germany.  I will then spend the night in Munich and have a day in the city before heading off to Dublin.

This entry is short, but I plan to do another update hopefully tomorrow since I will have more time to check out Munich or maybe do a day trip depending on the weather, so please stay tuned for more updates later!

Munich, Germany: The Precursor to Ireland

Munich, Germany: The Precursor to Ireland

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