10 Beautiful Churches in Vienna

Vienna, Austria is one of Europe’s top cities. It is a wonderful place that is full of history, art, and culture. While there are many sites in the city, there are 10 beautiful churches in the city that a visitor should not miss since they are mostly completely free and full of art.

5 Advantages of Guided Day Tours

Guided days tours are sometimes criticized for being too commercialized and not giving the “true travel experience.” However, guided day tours are an excellent way to explore a country in an easy and stress-free manner. Here are 5 advantages of guided day tours!

How to Apply for an ETA for Sri Lanka

Even though Americans do not qualify for visa-free entry into Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan government has made getting an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) extremely easy and straightforward. The whole application process takes about 10-15 minutes, and the entire process can be done online for a modest fee.

10 Reasons to Visit Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy often gets a bad rap and is typically skipped over by most travelers. However, Naples is a beautiful and genuine Italian city that is a wonderful place to explore and check out. Here are 10 reasons to visit Naples, Italy on your next vacation.